Ifra Organic Box Green Cardamom Whole | Choti Elaichi 100 Grams | Sabut Choti Elaichi | Whole Indian Spices | Fresh and Natural Spices | Pack of 1 x 100g



100% Premium Elaichi or Green Cardamom. Fresh Green And Bag Full Of Aroma. Organic Box Green Cardamoms are strong in flavour and aroma. They make sure your special dishes not only taste rich, but also have an inviting fragrance. Sourced from the finest traditional farms, our professionals handpick these Select produce carefully to ensure that the maximum nutrition from the farm reaches your food. Through multiple quality checks, cleaning and advanced packaging, Manushree ensures an enhanced shelf-life while preserving the healthy, natural taste of the product. A Organic Box Fresh and Natural Green Cardamom. Net weight: 100gm


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